The Atlis XT electric dual-cab ute is available for order now boasting four-wheel drive and a driving range of up to 800km. It’s expected to launch in 2020.

With major car makers ramping up their shift to electric vehicles and the popularity of dual-cab ute booming, US company, Atlis, hopes to be the first one out of the blocks with an all-electric dual-cab 4×4. Meet the Atlis XT.

With four electric motors the Atlis XT will hit 100km/h in just over five seconds and boasts a top speed of almost 200km/h. It can be ordered now and in a variety of range offerings up to 800km. Better still, Atlis claims that when charged via one of its charging outlets the vehicle’s batteries can be charged to full in just 15 minutes.

Offered with a variety of towing options up to 3500kg as well as fifth-wheel options for those towing fifth-wheeler RVs, the Atlis XT can be had with four-wheel steering, air suspension and active damping with up to 304mm of clearance. An off-road suspension pack bumps this clearance up to an impressive 381mm of clearance.

The Atlis XT does away with side mirrors and instead uses cameras which project an image onto screens either side of the steering wheel. The standard camera pack includes, side-view mirrors with blind-spot monitoring, reversing camera with dynamic lines, trailer connect assistance camera, fifth-wheel camera assist and a forward-facing camera.

And Atlis says its in-step with the market when it comes to autonomous driving too. The Atlis XT is standard with Level 1 driver assistance including adaptive cruise control, while cost-optional is lane-keep assist and parking assistance. The company claims its working on ensuring the XT will be eventually be Level 5 autonomous.

All the infotainment and climate controls are via a central infotainment screen which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. Indeed, almost the entire dashboard is a screen, with analogue dials replaced by a digital display.

Atlis XT electric dual-cab 4x4 coming in 2020

In terms of practicality, the front bench offers 40:20:40 split as does the rear bench. And there are plenty of options including an on-board air compressor, a longer tray different cab configurations.

There’s no pricing announced yet but Atlis has revealed it plans to offer the XT on a subscription basis starting at US$700 which would cover the vehicle repayments, trading up to a new vehicle every 3, 5, or 7 years, insurance, servicing and even charging at an Atlis charger.

Now, all of this needs to be read with some caution…See, Atlis hasn’t said whether it has a factory or not, what its battery packs will be. But it has said the thing will be built in the US and given its modular platform you would expect it to be available in right-hand drive too. Stay tuned.

Question: We’ve asked the question before but could the Atlis XT be the vehicle that finally changes the world’s mind about electric vehicles?


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