Harley-Davidson has revealed specifications for its Livewire electric motorcycle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas overnight.

Harley-Davidson has taken the hanky off the specifications for its all-new, first-ever production electric motorcycle, Livewire, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas overnight. Livewire will be available in select markets from the end of this year (2019) – it was born from Project Livewire in 2014.

Livewire will hit 96km/h in 3.5 seconds with the H-D-designed H-D Revelation electric powertrain able to deliver 100 percent of it torque the moment the throttle is twisted. With no gearing or clutch required, using the Livewire is a simple twist-and-go affair and via an app, owners will be able to connect with their bike to check their battery level, charge status, find the nearest charging station and tell if someone’s mucking about with their bike so long as they have a phone signal. The range is around 180 kilometres.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire™ revealed at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

But what about the sound? H-D reckons Livewire will be quiet but have a distinctive but futuristic Harley Davidson sound.

According to the 115-year-old bike maker, Livewire represents the future of the brand and that it heralds a new era of connectivity for motorcycles. Speaking at the reveal, Harley-Davidson CEO, Matt Levatich, said: “We’re at a historic juncture of the evolution of transportation, and Harley-Davidson is at the forefront.

“Innovation that moves the body and soul has always been at the heart of our brand, and this next chapter in our history is about creating products and opportunities for existing and aspiring riders of all ages and walks of life.”

Following the reveal of Livewire, Harley-Davidson rolled out two new electric concepts which it fully expects to transition from concept to production following the release of Livewire at the end of this year.


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