ANCAP has updated the scores realised by the 2019 Ford Endura after it crash tested an Australian-delivered vehicle, seeing it realise higher category scores than European versions.

Australian-delivered 2019 Ford Endura’s have realised higher scores for their adult occupant protection (up from 87 to 94 percent) compared with those sold in Europe, according to a local crash test and audit of the rating. Originally, ANCAP had interpreted results realised by Euro NCAP but recently conducted an audit after a local crash test of the Endura.

“The local test was prompted by the Ford Endura’s higher Australian standard specification when compared to the European market Edge model previously tested, and was carried out with a vehicle ANCAP purchased independently of Ford to ensure a genuine representation of a production model available to customers in Australia,” according to ANCAP.

Although the Endura was awarded a five-star rating when it launched here in 2018, the result was determined after Euro NCAP testing of a Ford Edge; the Australian-delivered Endura has a higher level of standard safety equipment compared with the European model.

“Audit testing is a routine and integral part of our test and assessment process, and it is done to provide consumers with assurance that they can rely on ANCAP safety rating information when buying a car,” said ANCAP CEO, James Goodwin.

“The Ford Endura was already a five-star rated vehicle when it launched, yet Ford Australia has improved the safety specification of Endura models supplied to our market through the inclusion of seatbelt pre-tensioners for rear [outboard] seats, which sees improved occupant protection for rear seat occupants,” Goodwin said. “The Endura is a vehicle designed and used to transport families, so it’s encouraging to see Ford Australia prioritise the safety of rear seat occupants for our market.”

Ford, pleased with the audit test carried out on the Endura, said it wanted the local Endura to have a higher level of standard safety kit because it’s what customers expect.

“The Endura’s advanced safety features and Driver Assist Technology have been fitted as standard specifically for our market, because we know that Australians in this segment demand a high level of assurance, technology and safety when choosing a premium SUV,” said Ford Australia and New Zealand CEO and President, Kay Hart.

“ANCAP plays an important role for consumers in understanding the safety levels offered in new vehicles, and we’re pleased that Endura has improved on this in an independently verified audit test by an agency with the highest level of credibility.”


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