The all-new McLaren ‘Grand Tourer’ is a step closer to its full reveal with McLaren removing some of the body-hiding cladding. 

The McLaren ‘Grand Tourer’ was announced at the recent Geneva Motor Show and overnight the company removed some of the body-hiding cladding to give a better idea of what it will look like. McLaren said while the ‘Grand Tourer’ is still wearing camouflage it would “begin to peel off this disguise this May”.

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During validation testing, McLaren said the car has performed flawlessly but that the removal of the “shape-changing and noise-inducing panels” would allow engineers to complete further validation tests. Like, for instance, a 1600km drive from McLaren’s development base near Barcelona, Spain, back to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England.

“To be completed in one stint with two occupants and a full complement of luggage, this is one of many long-distance drives that will help the team to confirm the new model is both comfortable and refined over the long distances a grand tourer is expected to consume … one rule that McLaren won’t be breaking,” McLaren said.


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