The Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept compact SUV has been revealed overnight at the Geneva Motor Show, becoming not just the first compact SUV from the brand but also the first plug-in hybrid.

Alfa Romeo has revealed its new compact SUV, its first ever, the Tonale Concept overnight at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s also the brand’s first plug-in hybrid. Although it’s being called a concept, Alfa Romeo bosses have confirmed it will make it through to production, and soon too.

The Tonale concept is powered by both a petrol and electric powertrain although Alfa Romeo hasn’t yet provided details. That said, sister brand, Jeep, revealed its Renegade PHEV. What we do know is that Tonale features a front-mounted petrol engine and a rear-mounted electric motor. With various drive modes offered, Alfa said the Tonale features a tweaked version of its Dynamic mode, called Dual Power which it says ensures that both petrol and electric motors are providing full power at the same time.

In making the announcement, Alfa Romeo said, “The Tonale embodies the adventure potential of a mid-size, dynamic sport utility vehicle capable of guaranteeing the adrenaline of sporty driving, inherent in the legend of the brand, in urban settings with the same ease. The hum of the electric motor accompanies the genuinely Alfa Romeo roar creating an efficient, exciting synergy at the service of driving pleasure. The energy switch to electric is the latest key page in the 109-year-long history of the Alfa Romeo legend and one which will propel the brand into the future. This is also behind the name chosen for the new concept car. The Tonale Pass, not far from the Stelvio Pass in the Alps, is a large natural amphitheatre famous for its majestic peaks, the natural spectacle of frothy waterfalls and snow all year round in a breath-taking natural setting”. Okay.

The Tonale, according to Alfa, has hints of historic models, like its 21-inch telephone dial alloys which dates back to the 1960s and the Stradale 33. The Tonale is a strict four-seater and the interior features both a 12.3-inch digital display instead of analogue dials and a 10.25-inch infotainment screen which will offer, in Europe, at least, access to two Alfa initiatives, called Alfista and Paddock.

“Alfista is an immersive Alfa Romeo lifestyle experience, providing a fully connected interface with select Alfa Romeo clubs and community events, such as gatherings, drives and meets. This in-vehicle app allows the driver access to live news and updates about the current happenings of the Alfa Romeo brand.

“Paddock is the Alfa Romeo Tonale in-vehicle garage and market for real-time viewing and purchasing of the latest interior and exterior performance upgrades and equipment. The Paddock app also enables the customer to scroll through the latest offerings from the Alfa Romeo merchandise and apparel collection, which can be ordered direct with the touch of the screen”.


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