Porsche has revealed its 600hp all-electric Mission E concept, or “the Porsche of tomorrow” as it’s calling it, at the Frankfurt Motor Show overnight.

PORSCHE HAS given a glimpse of what “the Porsche of tomorrow” might look like via its Mission E concept. Revealed overnight at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the electric Mission E is, according to Porsche “a coherent design of a sports car with an electric drive and all of the traits that make up a Porsche”.

In a short statement about the Mission E, which was revealed alongside the almost-impossible-to-pick-it new 911, Porsche said “The first all-electrically powered four-seat Porsche of the 21st century represents the future of a concept that made the 911 the most successful sports car ever for over 50 years”.

Obviously, the Mission E is Porsche’s idea of an electric Porsche, or “the future of the electric sports car”.

Porsche Mission E concept revealed

“The fascinating design of the four-door car with four seats bears many references to the 911 while revealing the Mission E to be a Porsche at first glance. The passionately designed sports car with all-wheel drive develops a total power of over 600hp, which can be converted into typical Porsche driving dynamics.

“The driving range of the Mission E is over 500km, and the innovative 800-volts battery charging system Porsche Turbo Charging reduces charging time to just slightly longer than it takes to fill a car’s fuel tank today. At the quick charge station, it takes just over 15min to provide enough charge for around 80% of the total range. In keeping with the car’s purist interior, the control and dis ­play concept is intuitive with eye-tracking and gesture control as well as innovative functions.”

Porsche Mission E concept revealed

We’d suggest that while the Mission E’s looks might not make it into production, the technology that powers it probably isn’t too far away.


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