The all-new 2018 Subaru XV is launching here in June and these are the 5 things you need to know about it.

More room to move

The new XV measures 4645mm long (up from 4450mm), 1800mm wide (up from 1780mm) and the same 2019mm mirror-to-mirror, and runs a longer wheelbase of 2670 (up from 2635mm) and is longer than a Golf Alltrack, it maintains the current car’s 1615mm height (with roof rails). So, when it comes to describing the interior, roomy is a good word to use. And, like the new Impreza there’s been a noticeable step-up in quality.

The design mirrors that of the Impreza, although the XV gets bright orange contrast stitching for the dashboard, steering wheel, gear shifter boot, and seats. Bootspace is 350 litres (five more than new Impreza) which is an increase on the original XV of 310 litres. It’s still not a huge boot, but the shape makes it usable (it’s 100mm wider than the old car) with Subaru suggesting it’ll swallow three golf bags neatly.

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All-New Subaru XV gets more kit and a price cut…


  1. Isaac, You do great work, but unfortunately some of the dimensions for the existing and the updated XV are not quite right. Not sure where “…current car’s 1550mm height…” has come from. 🙁
    From the Subura Aust site, for the current XV;
    length 4,450mm, width 1,780mm, height 1,615mm, wheel base 2,635mm.
    From Subaru’s press release for the updated XV;
    length 4,465mm, width 1,800mm, height 1,615mm, wheel base 2,665 mm.

    Subaru Aust’ will be hoping that sales of the XV will improve greatly with the update.
    In regards to space efficiently the new Skoda Karoq does extremely well. Although it’s length of 4,382 mm is shorter than the XV, it’s luggage capacity is 521 litres.

    1. Isaac is suffering lysdexia, and swapped a few digits it seems in the length.

      The update looks insipid and Subaru are kidding themselves it’ll make much difference. Poor engine choices or should I say lack of choices. The only positive, it’s looks reasonably good.

      1. Sure, it’s been a softly-softly update and the Skoda Karoq will throw a cat amongst the pigeons in this segment, but the XV is clearly the most rugged of all the compact SUVs. Yes, it could probably do with a diesel engine but there’s not one available here and the engine it’s got isn’t that bad. Talk to people who’ve bought the new Impreza and they’ll tell you they don’t know what all the fuss is about. Cheers Isaac.
        PS. I addressed the numbers issue in another comment reply.

    2. Thanks McF1, yes, it looks like I was out by a few mm here and there… Reason being, I took my numbers from a display panel at the Japanese presentation and so things like height for our car are different than theres because we get bigger/taller tyres for more ground clearance. In Japan the XV offers 200mm and here it offers 220mm. I’m not sure where you found the wheelbase measurement of 2665mm, because the one that I got in Japan and all of my colleagues are running with too (I’ve done a quick check on the other outlets this morning) is 2670mm. I’ll be attending the local launch next month and will double-check them then. Subaru hasn’t released, as far as I’m aware, updated specs for the new car… if you’ve seen them, can you share the link with me. Thanks Isaac.

      1. Hi Issac, thanks for the reply.
        In the article 4,645mm is shown for the length for the updated XV, rather than 4,465mm.
        The measurements that I have used for the updated XV are those from Subaru’s press release PDF for Geneva (it will be interesting to see the measurements from the local launch next month);
        www dot subaru-global dot com/news/ March 7, 2017.
        The following is from the PDF;
        Body size
        (Overall length / width / height)
        4,465 x 1,800 x 1,615*6
        Wheelbase 2,665 mm
        Minimum ground clearance 220 mm
        Engine FB20 type 2.0-liter, DOHC, Horizontally-Opposed, 4-cylinder,
        Direct injection, NA
        Displacement 1,995cc
        Bore, Stroke 84 x 90mm
        Maximum output 115kW (156ps)
        Maximum torque 196Nm (20.0kgfm)
        Transmission Lineartronic*7
        Drive train Symmetrical AWD
        Tire size 225/55 R18
        Seating capacity 5
        *6: Without roof rail: 1,595 mm

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