The all-new BMW Z4 has been teased via a shadowy profile sketch with promises it will be revealed in full next month. Or will it?

THE 2018 BMW Z4 which is being developed in conjunction with Toyota (to spawn the new Supra) has been teased via a not-very-revealing profile sketch. The new Z4 will be revealed on August 17 which is in line with Pebble Beach in the US, suggesting we’ll only get to see a prototype rather than the finished article.

The current Z4 has been in production since 2009 and will see BMW take its drop-top fight to the Porsche 718 Boxster… it’ll be interesting to see how different BMW and Toyota are given their vehicles are being built off the same platform.

According to reports quoting “insiders” the new Z4 will use the same lightweight construction methods as the i3 and i8 as well as make use of the rear axle from the M3 and M4. A full-on M variant is expected to follow a year or so after launch. UPDATE: The rumoured M variant of the Z4 might not end up happening according to an OS contact Practical Motoring spoke with last night.


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