The 2016 Tesla Model X, the world’s first full-electric SUV has been launched overnight at Tesla Motor’s Freemont factory.

THE 2016 TESLA Model X has been launched in two variants (for now). The 90D has all-wheel drive and runs a 190kW electric motors on each axle allowing it to sprint to 98km/h in just 4.8 seconds with an estimated range of 414km. The P90D runs a 190kW motor and a big-banging 370kW motor, is all-wheel drive and will get to 98km/h in 3.8 seconds. In its ludicrously titled ludicrous speed, it’ll cut the sprint time to 3.2 seconds.

Tesla Model X revealed

The batteries that keep the Model X running are floor mounted which gives the thing a low centre of gravity and should help with handling. Coupled with air suspension and the ride should be plush.

Inside, the Model X is available in 7- or 6-seat layouts; the third-row seats can fold completely flat when not in use while the second-row seats have been designed to “maximise passenger comfort, legroom, [and] under seat storage”. The dashboard mirrors that of the Model S with its large tablet-esque touch screen.

Tesla Model X revealed

The front boot (no engine, see) “is large enough to hold two golf bags and the rear cargo area can easily hold large items like bicycles, skis and snowboards. Model X is the first electric vehicle with a 2200kg towing capacity”. Interesting.

Safety features include four ‘latch’ child seat attachments, two in each row (not including the front seats), automatic emergency braking, parking sensors, blind spot monitoring and collision warning. And, of course there are the Falcon Wings, which most other makers just call Gullwings, which have built-in sensors allowing them to adjust automatically to the roof height of the structure the vehicle’s parked in. According to Tesla, the Model X has the largest windscreen in production.

Tesla Model X revealed

There’s no word yet on when the Model X will arrive in Australia, but US deliveries are expected to begin in the middle of 2016.

Tesla Model X revealed


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