Two official images of the 2016 Renault Scenic have been revealed following a leak online yesterday, with Renault set to reveal the vehicle in full next week.

WITH SALES OF SUVS booming all around the world, it’s no wonder the new-generation Renault Scenic (fourth-generation) seems to resemble a crossover more than a traditional people mover. And, if you look closely, you’ll see Renault has used the R-Space Concept from 2011 as the inspiration for the design. Indeed, the new Scenic’s proportions seem to look more like that concept than the last-generation Scenic.

Launched in 1996, the Renault Scenic has became one of the most popular MPVs (multi-purpose vehicle) in Europe with 5 million examples sold across the three generations. Of the new Scenic, Renault, in a short statement said: “The new SCENIC redefines MPV thinking with a fresh approach to the segment’s traditional cues”.

Head of Renault design Laurens van den Acker said: “We wanted the new Scenic to break new ground. It is a sexier and more modern take on the MPV and carries over the outstanding modularity that has been paramount to the success of the model’s three previous generations over the past 20 years.”

Details are still thin, but Renault did say the new Scenic gets more ground clearance than its predecessor with the rear overhang shortened, “while a wider track at both the front and rear provide the vehicle with a particularly solid stance. The new SCENIC comes with a distinctive lighting signature in the form of C-shaped head lights that benefit from LED Pure Vision technology like higher-end models”.

The Renault Scenic was sold in Australia in the early 2000s, Renault would be mad not to bring this new one Down Under.


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  1. Will it come with the engine de jour a 1.6l turbo in it’s 1 millionth variant. Apparently this engine even power trucks, planes and trains in France it’s so versatile. Can’t wait for the Megane RS to be diluted with this engine in the next gen cars.

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