Lotus is the latest team to reveal its 2015 F1 championship contender, pulling the covers off its Lotus E23 Hybrid prior to the season opening F1 test session this weekend.

MAKING ITS competition debut at the Rolex Australian Grand Prix in March, Matthew Carter, Lotus F1 Team CEO said: “The E23 Hybrid represents a new era for Lotus F1 Team, not only in the change to a Mercedes Benz Power Unit, but also it is the fruition of a busy winter behind the scenes. Improvements within our Design, Aero and Simulation departments have all contributed to the development of a car which is a huge step forward.

“As a team we are confident that the new car coupled with additions to the Race team will enable a huge leap forward and we are full of optimism going into the new season. It is time to put the disappointment of last season behind us and benefit from 12 months of hard work; we are ready to return to our rightful place at the pinnacle of the sport.”

At the reveal Lotus F1 Technical Director, Nick Chester added: “The E23 Hybrid represents a massive step forward for us. It’s no secret that we struggled with last year’s car so we’ve targeted every area that caused us an issue. We’ve made strong progress in the wind tunnel as well as in areas such as packaging and cooling. We expect the E23 to perform far, far better than its predecessor. In terms of what’s new, obviously a massive change for us is a new Power Unit supplier.

2015 Lotus E23 Hybrid F1 car revealed

“We made this change as it looked and looks to be the one area of the car which could bring us the greatest performance gain. It’s not just performance, but reliability and driveability as well as packaging and cooling too. The E22 did deliver good figures in the wind tunnel, even if it was difficult to unlock its potential, so we’ve paid more attention to making the characteristics of the car more adaptable. In terms of the suspension, we were delivered something of a blow last year when the front-rear interconnected suspension was outlawed mid-season. The E23’s suspension design is specific to the updated regulations so we’re not trying to update a system originally intended to work a different way. We learnt a lot in many areas of the car over the course of 2014 so there are many lessons which have been applied. We know we’ve made a big step. We won’t know how our car will fare in relative terms until we’re out in action at a Grand Prix, but we certainly expect to be much more competitive than last year.”

2015 Lotus E23 Hybrid F1 car revealed

All F1 teams will be in action for the first time this weekend including Australian star Daniel Ricciardo in his Red Bull and McLaren who have switched from Mercedes power to reunite with Honda, who they had so much success with in the days of Ayrton Senna.


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