In one of the worst performances of a new vehicle in safety testing, the 2015 LDV V80 commercial van has only scored a 2 star ANCAP rating.

SCORING JUST 4.97 out of a possible 16 for the frontal offset crash test (conducted at 64kn/h) ANCAP stated the driver of the V80 would have been at risk of serious injury to their head, chest and legs. “The lack of electronic stability control (ESC) has limited its ANCAP safety rating to 2 stars,” ANCAP said. The LDV V80 also lacks chest- and head-protecting side airbags and intelligent seat belt reminders.

Some tests, like the pole, whiplash, and pedestrian safety weren’t conducted, but the LDV V80’s overall score of just 16.49 out of a possible 37 is pretty dismal. The LDV V80 has been on-sale since 2013.

“Under regulatory requirements the LDV V80 [and other light commercial vehicles (LCVs)] is afforded a number of safety concessions. Under the ANCAP assessment regime however, these concessions are not applicable,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nicholas Clarke.

“ANCAP requirements are more stringent than those of regulation. ANCAP applies the same standards to both light commercial and light passenger vehicles. This is vital in providing consumers with transparent and easily comparable safety ratings – whether they be looking to buy for commercial or private purposes.”

“More has to be done to encourage manufacturers to increase the level of safety provided in LCVs. Even newly released commercial vehicles are providing safety features as optional extras. The question is: Why?”

“The safety of those travelling in commercial vehicles is no less important than those travelling in passenger cars,” said Mr Clarke.

The LDV V80 is available in three forms, as a van, bus and cab chassis. It offers just one engine, a 2.5-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel making 100kW and 330Nm of torque. There’s the choice of either a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. It’s priced from $29,990 (drive-away). With just a 2 star rating, however, it’s not a vehicle Practical Motoring would recommend.


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  1. Game Over
    And I thought China was making inroads into car safety, obvs. NOT! Pity.
    I believe the old old Mitsubishi L300 van had a better safety rating than this
    This will NOT be allowed to be purchased by GovCo, Schools and some companies because its not 5 stars and they have a duty of care.
    Another ATECO disaster really standby for a massive price cchop, $20k, where it should have always been

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