The 2015 Honda Jazz has scored a 5 star ANCAP rating as a result of crash test data sharing across ANCAP and the recently formed ASEAN NCAP.

THE 5 STAR ANCAP rating for the 2015 Honda Jazz marks the first result awarded based on crash test results from the recently formed South East Asian New Car Assessment Program, ASEAN NCAP.

2015 Honda Jazz gets 5 star ANCAP rating

According to ANCAP, the 5 star rating was the result of five physical crash tests conducted by ANCAP and ASEAN NCAP in Malaysia. The result was due to more than just the crash testing, with Honda’s decision to fit all variants of the Jazz (from July 2014 onwards) with electronic stability control (ESC), electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), emergency brake assist (EBA), reversing collision avoidance (camera) and emergency stop signal (ESS) as standard.

“ANCAP has for 15 years been making use of shared crash test data with its European counterpart, Euro NCAP, however today’s rating for the Honda Jazz is a first in terms of data sharing arrangements with ASEAN NCAP,” said ANCAP Chairman, Lauchlan McIntosh AM.

2015 Honda Jazz gets 5 star ANCAP rating

“ANCAP has been instrumental in the establishment and ongoing mentoring of the ASEAN NCAP test program with their program growing in leaps and bounds since its formation in 2012.”

“ANCAP’s use of ASEAN NCAP data from the 64km/h frontal offset crash test [for the Honda Jazz] is testament to the quality and professionalism of the ASEAN NCAP program. This reciprocal data sharing relationship will no doubt continue as we start to see more vehicles enter the Australasian market from South-east Asian manufacturers and manufacturing plants,” added McIntosh.


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