No off-road tourer has ever said “that’s too much space”. So why aren’t we driving 4×4 vans? And we’re thinking about the Mitsubishi Delica…

NOW, TO BE fair, there are a fair few imported Delicas in Australia, older models based on Pajero Gen II running gear complete with low-range and Super Select. But why not these:
Look at all that lovely loadspace!  No need to tow a trailer with that sort of capacity.
Here’s what it looks like inside:
Yes indeed, this is the modern Mitsubishi Delica.  They don’t appear to have low range, but they are 4WD. Not the greatest of clearances, but you could do a lot worse than tour Australia in one of these.
We asked Mitsubishi Australia why they don’t import them, and the answer was simple. Lack of demand, and its reckons the market for people movers in Australia is only around 10,000 a year of which the Delica would be a small proportion. Shame, but you can’t expect them to take decisions which aren’t commercially feasible. I guess we’ll need to wait for grey import laws and bring in our own.
Here’s a nicely set up Delica grey import to show what can be done:
So…would you drive an offroading van?  If not, why not?
Here’s some passionate Mitsubishi fans gathering for a Muster in 2010, with a few Delicas here and there.
Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper