2018 Volvo V60 static front three-quarters
25 Jul 2019

Volvo recalling 507,000 vehicles globally because of engine fire risk

Last week Volvo issued a recall for more than 3000 vehicles in Australia, the recall has rolled out globally with 507,000 vehicles caught up because of the potential for the engine bay to catch fire.

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Takata airbags
07 May 2019

Mitsubishi urging owners to have faulty Takata airbags replaced

Mitsubishi Australia is urging almost 17,000 registered owners with vehicles containing Takata airbags to have them replaced immediately.

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Kobe steel
12 Oct 2017

Kobe Steel aluminium tampering scandal could impact its products, Toyota says

Japan’s Kobe Steel which supplies huge amounts of metal to car makers has been found to have tampered with data around the strength of the steel it supplied.

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04 Aug 2016

14,906 Toyota 86 vehicles recalled to fix power steering fault (Update: BRZ too)

Toyota Australia has announced a recall of 14,906 Toyota 86 vehicles to fix a potential issue with loss of power steering.

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Mazda6 alternative
04 Oct 2014

Mazda recalling 2.5L Mazda6 due to programming error

Mazda is recalling a batch of 2.5L Mazda6 models because of a potential programming error that could see the fuel pump fail after i-Stop operation.

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