24 Jan 2023

How to buy a car on finance

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Practical Motoring investigate how to buy a car on finance, do you buy outright; take out a bank loan, novated lease, or a balloon payment lease?

Practical Motoring
15 Oct 2021

How to Actually Get the Best Deal on Your Car Loan in 2021

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Unsure why you’re seeing car loan rates advertised at 3.85% but you can’t seem to get an offer better than […]

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09 Jun 2020

Getting a car loan – where should you go?

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When financing your car, should you trust your lender or go for the broker? There are a lot of options […]

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20 Mar 2020

Guaranteed: Mazda Assured locks in future car value

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Guaranteed future values on new Mazdas will be better for some customers and might help the Japanese brand lift private […]

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