how to replace a car air filter
05 Jan 2022

How to replace your car’s air filter

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An easy DIY is replacing your car’s air filter. It will save you money and keep your car running efficiently.

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18 Nov 2021

How to fix a bad smell in your car

3 years ago 8 2

Smoking in cars, water leaks onto carpet, carrying fast food, or letting the kids eat and drink in your car can all cause it to stink. Here’s how to get rid of bad smells in cars.

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Pre-production land Rover begins restoration
04 Nov 2020

Things to look at when buying a used classic/enthusiast car

4 years ago 2 2

If you’re thinking of buying a classic car you’ll soon discover a muddy world full of option codes and intricacies.

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14 Aug 2020

Quick tips to be a better car lover

4 years ago 4 0

Cars. Big hunks of metal built to last hundreds of kays, right? Only if you look after them, which can […]

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21 Apr 2020

How to clean car headlights

4 years ago 5 5

Bright headlights are good for safety and essential for a roadworthy certificate… Here’s how to clean car headlights.

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Hyundai i30 N brakes
16 Jan 2020

Why are the Hyundai i30N’s brakes so good?

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Brakes are the most important upgrade if you want to track a roadcar, but Hyundai’s done the job for you on the i30N.

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Coolant and antifreeze explained
15 Jan 2020

What is coolant or antifreeze and why does your car need it?

4 years ago 8 20

Coolant or antifreeze is one of the most important fluids in your car. We explain what it is and why it’s essential to the good health of your car’s engine.

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Quick Lane Tyre & Auto Centre hoppers crossing
16 Dec 2019

Ford’s Quick Lane Tyre & Auto Centre opens

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The new Quick Lane Tyre & Auto Centre says it will service and replace tyres on most cars withinin 90 minutes or less, while you wait.

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20 Nov 2019

How to change a car headlight globe

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Changing a headlight globe is a simple DIY job that anyone can tackle.

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18 Nov 2019

Why does my suspension squeak and rattle?

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Good suspension has many attributes, one of which is quietness. But does your suspension squeak and rattle? Here’s why.

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DIY diagnostics
15 Nov 2019

Best OBD2 diagnostics apps for iOS and Android

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With smartphones getting smarter and app makers tapping into ever more exclusive areas, performing DIY vehicle diagnostic tests just got a whole lot easier.

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ban diesel cars from Paris
04 Sep 2019

Smoke Signals. What does the smoke from my car exhaust mean?

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Have you ever started your car and seen a big puff of smoke plume out from behind it? Here’s how to tell what the smoke from your car’s exhaust pipe means.

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car maintenance basics
01 Jul 2019

Auto DIY death toll reaches 120 people since 2000

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Around 120 Australians have died working on their own vehicles since 2000, with many hundreds more hospitalised, according to the ACCC.

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10 Jul 2018

Upgrading your 4×4 for driving in the dark

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Driving in the dark can fraught with danger but it’s sometime unavoidable. If your vehicle is equipped with the right gear you’ll be able to make it safely through the night.

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The battery in your car can and will go flat and as Murphy’s Law dictates, when it’s most inconvenient for you. Here's how to change a car battery.
14 May 2018

How to maintain your car battery

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We bust a few myths about how to maintain your car battery and tell you one of the key DIY fails when it comes to replacing your car battery.

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