Volvo developing fast, intelligent video streaming for autonomous vehicles
05 Jan 2016

Volvo wants to make streaming video in your car easier

Volvo has announced it’s working with its technology partner, Ericsson, to make streaming video in autonomous vehicles (read: Volvos) easier.

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25 Oct 2015

Up to 27 seconds of inattention after using hands-free technology in your car…

New research in the US has revealed that using hands-free technology via your smartphone and vehicle may have unintended consequences that “adversely affect traffic safety”.

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Land Rover developing see-through trailer technology
01 Sep 2015

Land Rover developing see-through trailer technology

Land Rover has announced it’s developing see-through trailer technology to “completely remove the blind spot created when towing a caravan”.

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05 Aug 2015

Lexus reveals working hoverboard [video]

Lexus has released a video of its much-teased hoverboard in action showing that Back to the Future wasn’t just Hollywood flim-flam.

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Ford reveals camera-based headlights
18 Jul 2015

Ford reveals camera-based headlights

Ford has revealed its camera-based advanced front lighting system that can adapt the front lights for junctions and illuminate pedestrians and animals on the road.

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EU introduces auto emergency assist from 2018
06 Dec 2014

EU introduces auto emergency call assist from 2018

The EU has passed legislation requiring all new cars sold in Europe from March 2018 to be fitted with an auto emergency call system that contacts emergency services if an accident occurs.

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