What is driveaway pricing?
16 May 2022

What is driveaway pricing?

When buying a new car you’ll often see the price ‘Driveaway’, or maybe it will be plus on-road costs. But what does that mean?

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15 Oct 2021

How to Actually Get the Best Deal on Your Car Loan in 2021

Unsure why you’re seeing car loan rates advertised at 3.85% but you can’t seem to get an offer better than 9.0%? It’s all because of something called ‘risk-based’ quoting. Sponsored article Ever since the Financial Services Royal Commission was established in 2017, the lending industry has changed the way they

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09 Jun 2021

New muscle car auction website goes live

Classic, muscle and custom car specialists step into the auction arena with 38 cool consignments. SEVEN82MOTORS are well known for their range of high-quality classic, muscle, lowrider and custom cars. The monthly open day “stock drops” of new vehicle arrivals have become a bit of an institution for the Gold

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05 May 2021

How to buy a car on finance

Practical Motoring investigate how to buy a car on finance, do you buy outright; take out a bank loan, novated lease, or a balloon payment lease?

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09 Apr 2021

Incredible Aussie and American Muscle Car Auction

An original Holden HK Monaro, Ford XYs, and a Shelby GT 500 are just some of the vehicles going under the hammer in April when Slattery Auctions Perth begins taking bids. Update: Last chance to get a bid in as the auction ends this April 12th. The lot of cars

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Pre-production land Rover begins restoration
04 Nov 2020

Things to look at when buying a used classic/enthusiast car

If you’re thinking of buying a classic car you’ll soon discover a muddy world full of option codes and intricacies.

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19 Jun 2020

How to play it safe when buying a used car?

Spending the weekend test driving cars and haggling with sellers used to be a treasured past-time for some and an unavoidable chore for others. Regardless of your position on it, with recent stay at home orders and social distancing due to COVID-19, buying from afar seems to be the way

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12 Jun 2020

How to help your approval for a car loan with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, or suspect you have bad credit, you may think you can’t get a car loan. It may be a bit more difficult, but there are many lenders and brokers that can help you find a car loan that fits your circumstances. The interest rate may

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09 Jun 2020

Instant asset write-off extension praised

Business owners now have a further six months to take advantage of the boosted Instant asset write-off scheme. The Australian Government has announced an extension to the Instant asset write-off scheme that sees the deadline move until the end of this year. Due to expire June 30 2020, the extension

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09 Jun 2020

Getting a car loan – where should you go?

When financing your car, should you trust your lender or go for the broker? There are a lot of options out there – going straight to our bank for a personal loan, a car loan lender, or opting for dealer finance. But what’s the best option that’ll save you money?

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05 May 2020

Subaru offers home pickup and drop-off for servicing and purchases

Want a new car but don’t want to shake the salesperson’s hand? Subaru offers a completely contactless purchase path for customers, along with free pickup and dropoff for servicing. SUBARU IS pushing further ahead into contactless, sit on your butt car buying and car servicing, offering to deliver new car

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21 Apr 2020

Test drives can be “essential”, says FCAI

As industries across Australia slow down, the FCAI encourages car owners and new car buyers to still visit dealerships when it’s required. The beauty of cars is that you can travel from A to B and avoid interacting with anyone, so long as you have a tank of fuel. That’s

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17 Apr 2020

The best new and used 4×4 bush wagons

There are more 4×4 wagons on the market today than ever before but only a few of them are truly bush-capable. Whether new or secondhand, these are the top five bush wagons that can take you to the most hard-to-reach places in Australia… and get you home again.

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23 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: Can I still buy a new car?

Despite sweeping changes to business operations in Australia, car dealers say that they will continue to welcome buyers. THE AUTOMOTIVE industry will do its best to keep doors open at dealerships and new model cars entering the local market while Australia begins a staged lockdown of some services. With new

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Buying a new car happy
13 Feb 2020

Bargain time: Car dealers say market “exceptionally bleak”

It’s not a great time for car dealers but it is a great time for consumers to buy a car. CAR DEALERS RECKON the going is tough at the moment, with a majority of Australian dealerships revealing in the latest Cox Automotive Australia Dealer Sentiment Index (CAADSI) that “the new

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