choosing a car
21 Nov 2016

Choosing the right car for you… and why emotions matter

With what seems to be an ever-increasing array of choices in the new car market, how do you actually make a decision? Jane Speechley wants to talk about emotions

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road rage
07 Nov 2016

Australia’s most annoying driving habits?

If only everyone else out there could drive as well as – obviously – the readers and writers of Practical Motoring, wonders Jane Speechley.

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4X4 and SUV
04 Nov 2016

Top 5 reasons to buy a 4×4 instead of a wagon (or not)…

Are you thinking of buying a 4X4 but aren’t sure whether you really need one? Our Friday Five explores the pros and cons of owning a 4×4.

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Kids in cars
31 Oct 2016

Travelling with kids and why it’s okay to be bored

When I was a kid road trips in the family car were boring… and that was okay, but now we’ve got to be ‘connected’ to survive a drive.

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31 Oct 2016

Dirt road dangers

You may be an ace on bitumen, but that doesn’t mean to say you’re safe on a dirt road.

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03 Aug 2016

Hankook Tyre launches Laufenn, budget tyre line

Laufenn, another value-based tyre brand, and a subsidiary of Hankook, is now on-sale in Australia…

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