22 Nov 2019

Don’t worry about power and torque

5 years ago 2

It’s the first thing most car makers quote when boasting about their latest model and it’s also almost completely pointless – Power and torque explained.

Robert Pepper
14 Nov 2019

What’s the best piece of car advice you’ve ever been given?

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It was Oscar Wilde who wrote, “I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.”

Jane Speechley 17
Buying a new or used car
04 Nov 2019

Buying a new car vs used

5 years ago 0

Should you buy a new car or something a year or two old? We explain what you need to know.

Practical Motoring
Holden announces capped price servicing
09 Apr 2019

How to find a car’s service history

5 years ago 5 0

This is one for those buying a used car that may have a missing or incomplete logbook, so, here’s how to find a car’s service history.

Isaac Bober 5
2018 Volkswagen Polo 70TSI Trendline Manual.
13 Apr 2018

Top first cars for young drivers

6 years ago 3 0

When it comes to your first car it’s often a case of substance over style with affordability, both in purchase price and running costs key determining factors in what you’ll choose. Here are our top first cars for young drivers.

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Should I choose petrol or diesel
11 Sep 2017

Should I choose a petrol or diesel car?

7 years ago 3 253

Choosing between petrol or diesel is one of the first things a new car buyer should figure out before exploring spec, or even the type of vehicle they want to buy.

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young man smiling and showing thumbs up in his car
24 Jul 2017

Australia’s Best Cars to Own… Have your say

7 years ago 1 0

We want you to tell us about your own car, the good and the bad, to help Australian car buyers choose the best car to buy and own.

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How to wash a car
27 Mar 2017

Quick tips to maintain the value of your car

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For many of us, our motor vehicle is the second greatest purchase we’ll make in our lives… here’s how to ensure you maintain the value of your car.

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buying a car
13 Dec 2016

Car showroom tips and tricks…

8 years ago 1 2

Top tips and hints to ensure you get the most out of visiting a new car showroom when buying your new car.

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How to avoid the car dealer traps
20 Dec 2015

How to avoid the new car dealer traps when buying a car

9 years ago 4 0

We know buying a new car from a dealer can be tough, that’s why we’ve come up with this handy guide to help you side-step the new car dealer traps.

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How to buy a car on finance
09 Oct 2015

19 Frequently Asked Car Loan Questions Answered

9 years ago 1 0

It can be confusing when arranging finance for your new car, and we wanted to take some of the sting out of it, so here are 19 Frequently Asked Car Loan Questions Answered.

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How to buy a car
26 Sep 2015

Buying your new car – Head or Heart?

9 years ago 6 1

Buying your new car is probably the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make. So, how should you choose – with your head or your heart? We have the answer.

Robert Pepper 6
Fashions change so be careful when choosing the colour of your new car
26 Jan 2014

Australians choose dull car colours

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Australian car buyers are among the most conservative when it comes to choosing a colour. Sampling more than 9000 new car purchases in 2013, an online car buying service found that 21% of new cars sold were white.

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