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  1. People are talking about the demise of the car industry in Australia – thanks in no small part to the ridiculous demands of the unions.

    We have had Ford & Holden for more than a couple of generations and people have grown up loving one marque and hating the other. The simple fact is that both were incomplete cars in a number of ways and even 50+ years down the track, they continued to not learn lessons from previous models.

    How many years and models did the Holdens spit that far-too-expensive fuel back onto the driveway (and your shoes)?

    How many years and models did Ford continue to run headlights through the switch without relays? Earlier models had pathetically dim lights and later models (and that wonderous ‘auto’ setting) would cause the car to blow a bulb at least every 3-6 months without fail.

    I bought a standard BA Falcon ute because, at the time, the Holden variant was barely able to carry half to two-thirds the payload. The you had the “premium” models for the show-ponies which, in the Holden could *just* carry a Harley Davidson while the Ford used 1930’s suspension “technology”.

    Let’s not forget both Holden & Ford advertising the use of independent rear suspension like they invented it – albeit 70+ years after it was actually invented.

    The BA-II … the one that fixed the problems of the previous….
    Let’s see what problems remained, shall we?
    Self-locking doors while the keys were in the ignition. Supposedly fixed on the next model with different model locks – but continues to do it according to hearsay.

    Rubbish radios that cannot be replaced due to cabin-climate display being incorporated.
    Blowing headlight bulbs.
    Tansmission that would overheat if you tried to tow anything heavier than a 6×4 trailer.

    Front suspension that was made up of oversized rubbers that allowed it to handle like a rowboat in a rapid + strut springs that have injured more than a few people while trying to change them over.
    Intake manifold that would crack or intake manifold gasket that would fail.

    And these are just some of the problems that were endemic across the range and not limited to a couple of cars.

    The problem is that, in fixing the problems, I don’t want to get another car (or ute) because I now know the majority of the problems that this heap has and can deal with them. Getting something else means I have to start again….

    Please send me the $200 prize…. I’m going to go to Jaycar and get generic door locks to replace the ones that Ford never managed to get working right.

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