Bosch acoustics centre
24 Apr 2019

Bosch reveals new acoustics test centre

Wind tunnels, rolling roads, test tracks…they’re all part of a car makers armoury and now, thanks to Bosch, so is vehicle acoustics testing.

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Bosch and Daimler to trial autonomous ride hailing in San Jose
12 Nov 2018

Bosch and Daimler choose San Jose for autonomous vehicle trials

Bosch and Daimler are partnering on the production of autonomous vehicle technology with San Jose announced as the pilot city for testing during the second-half of 2019.

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The first Autocrew - Powered by Supercheap Auto has been opened in Narellan, NSW.
23 Jul 2018

Bosch and Supercheap open joint-venture AutoCrew workshop…

With more than 1000 AutoCrew branded workshops in Europe, Bosch has teamed up with Supercheap Auto to launch the brand in Australia.

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Bosch launches in-car voice assistant, Casey, at 2018 CES
05 Jan 2018

Bosch launches in-car voice assistant, Casey… no data connection needed

Bosch has revealed its in-car voice assistant, Casey, which understand natural speech and uniquely doesn’t need a data connection to work.

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Bosch iDisc
02 Dec 2017

Bosch’s tungsten coated iDisc reduces brake dust by 90%

The Bosch iDisc is designed to last twice as long as conventional brakes and reduce harmful brake dust emissions by around 90%… there are two benefits to this.

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Bosch has revealed its new e-axle which might just fast-track the electric vehicle revolution and make it more affordable than ever…
01 Sep 2017

Bosch reveals one-size-fits-all e-axle that can take up 6000Nm of torque

Bosch has revealed its new e-axle which might just fast-track the electric vehicle revolution and make it more affordable than ever…

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cyclist detection
29 Aug 2017

Bosch launches AEB with cyclist detection…

Bosch has launched an all-in-one active safety system for vehicle makers that incorporates autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and cyclist detection.

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Perfectly Keyless app from Bosch to replace car keys
25 Aug 2017

Bosch reveals Perfectly Keyless app to replace car keys

Bosch claims its Perfectly Keyless app can turn your smartphone into the key for your car and put an end to the morning hunt for your keys…

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Mercedes-Benz E 220 d car review
27 May 2017

Is Bosch behind diesel emissions manipulation?

The world pointed the gun at Volkswagen last year after its public exposure during dieselgate, but now more manufacturers are being looked at… and Bosch seems to be the common element.

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26 May 2017

GM owners jump on dieselgate bandwagon

GM joins five other manufacturers alleged to have used emissions defeat devices in its cars… is #dieselgate bigger than we thought?

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