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Reader Question: How do I turn on my reversing camera’s active guidelines

Not all reversing cameras are created equal, but the majority these days offer active guidelines that turn to indicate the direction of travel… they can be switched off.

QUESTION: Hi there, I have bought a Ford Everest and it is meant to have active guidelines for its reversing camera, but mine doesn’t display them. I’m sure I saw them on the test drive. Is there a way to turn them on or off?

ANSWER: Thanks for the question. Yes, you’re correct, the Everest’s reversing camera does offer active guidelines which turn to indicate the direction of travel your vehicle is moving in. And, yes, they can be switched off.

For reference, both the Everest and the Ford Ranger have the same infotainment and communications unit (SYNC) with the same features. Ordinarily, the best answer would be checking the owner’s manual, but we’ve done that, and there’s nothing in the manual about turning on or off the active guidelines. So, we contacted Ford… of course, all of this would have been an easier solve if we’d been in an Everest at the time…

Ford’s media team assured us it was possible to turn the active guidelines on and off. It sent us this: “The active guidelines show the path of intended motion of the vehicle while reversing. The fixed guidelines assist a driver with backing into a parking space or aligning with an object behind the vehicle.

To turn this feature on or off when the vehicle is not in R (Reverse), do the following on the touchscreen:
1. Select Menu
2. Select Vehicle
3. Select Rear View Camera.”

Once you’re in the Rear View Camera menu item, you should be able to turn on or off things like camera delay which relates to leaving the reversing camera image displayed on the main screen even after you’ve selected D for Drive and started driving forwards. The image will only stay on the screen for a few seconds. This menu item should allow you to turn on or off the Active Guidelines on your Ford Everest. If you’ve turned it on, you’ll still see the fixed guidelines which show the path your car would travel if you kept the wheel straight, and then the active or dynamic guidelines which will be white and turn to indicate the direction of your vehicle with the wheel turned.

Question: Can a Ford Everest owner please take a photo of this menu item and post it below in the comments?



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Rye an
Rye an
6 years ago

Use your mirrors

6 years ago
Reply to  Rye an

Nice. – Isaac

3 years ago

Good Afternoon I have a L200 barbarian pick up 2010 and don’t know how to turn on reverse camera through monitor it comes up parking off is there a method to turn on as wiring is ok just can’t see anything on monitor video 001

Thank you and have a good day 

Regards Paul 

3 years ago

I have a problem with trying to back a boat trailer down a boat ramp at night and cannot see where I am going through my mirrors due to the amount of light inside of the cab coming from the camera display. At present I am having to turn the driving lights off and dim the instruments lights and I am having to throw a towel over the over the camera display to be able to see were I am going, it would be alot easier just to flick a switch

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober