The new Mustang looks stunning
10 Dec 2013

Ford Mustang launched in Australia

Ford is hoping to take our minds off the impending demise of local Falcon production by introducing the new Ford Mustang, the first factory right-hand drive model ever.

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We've had our black Hyundai i30 SR for two weeks and have already driven 1700km
09 Dec 2013

Week 2: Hyundai i30 SR Long-Term Test

Our long-term Hyundai i30 SR is racking up the kilometres fast. Tony Bosworth, who takes us on a tour of the buying experience and life so far with Hyundai’s sporty i30.

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Holden to close by 2016.
06 Dec 2013

Gone in 2016: Holden back the tears

A newspaper report this morning claims General Motors will wind-up Holden’s factory in 2016… are media reports doing more harm than good? Former Holden factory worker, James Middleton says yes. IN LIGHT OF media-driven rumours overnight that Holden will close the doors of its Adelaide-based factory (Elizabeth) in 2016, I’d like

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Toyota Corolla is Australia's best selling car in 2013
04 Dec 2013

Australia’s best-selling car for 2013: Toyota Corolla

Toyota’s Corolla and Camry are on track for major sales triumphs in 2013 with just weeks to run until year’s end, with the Corolla likely to become Australia’s best-selling car.

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Tony Bosworth bought a Peugeot 206 XT despite the best intentions of the dealer.
03 Dec 2013

How we almost didn’t buy a Peugeot 206 XT

Back in London we’d had an old 205 Junior, a car that asked you to spend 20 minutes starting it on a cold day. The speedo didn’t work, nor the indicators and there was something dodgy about the steering which made it feel like a boat…

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Our Hyundai i30 SR long-termer is a manual transmission-equipped car
01 Dec 2013

Hyundai i30 SR Long-term Review

Our Hyundai i30 SR was bought anonymously to ensure we didn’t alert the selling dealer and to make sure there is no pressure on us to write glowing reports. Our trademark no-nonsense in-depth reporting will be applied to the SR over every single kilometre of its life.

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Actress Michelle Yeoh is the Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safer campaign
28 Nov 2013

Michelle Yeoh on Road Safety

When ex-Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh, heard how many people died each year on our roads she was spurred into action. Tony Bosworth caught up with the actress and model turned safety evangelist when she visited Australia to hand out awards at the Australian Road Safety Foundation.

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Holden has fitted three ISOfix latching points to the back seat of the VF Commodore
27 Nov 2013

ISOfix child seats finally available in Australia

We’ve been testing cars with ISOfix fittings for two years, but Australian parents can only now buy the life-saving baby seats, says Paul Murrell. With road safety authorities wittering on about five km/h over the speed limit being akin to urban terrorism and old cars being worse polluters than the

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Online offerings, like Scoopon, might promise cheap car servicing, but the services won't count in your log book.
24 Nov 2013

Scoopon car service not such a great deal

Online offers, like numerous Scoopon car service deals, suggest you can get a full car service for as little as $9. But there’s a catch, says Paul Murrell.

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Depending on the make of car, metallic paint can be very expensive, but we might actually be paying less than we should.
24 Nov 2013

The cost of metallic paint for a car

Are car manufacturers ripping you off by charging a premium for metallic paint finishes? You may be surprised at the answer, says Paul Murrell.

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