Honda Mean Mower Eau Rouge
30 Apr 2014

Honda Mean Mower at Spa Francorchamps

Racing driver, Tiago Monteiro, has taken to the legendary Spa Francorchamps on the world’s fastest lawnmower – the Honda Mean Mower.

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One-off MINI Paceman Adventure
28 Apr 2014

MINI Paceman Adventure ute revealed

MINI teases with the release of its one-off MINI Paceman Adventure – possibly the coolest looking MINI ever.

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The 2015 Honda HR-V
25 Apr 2014

Honda HR-V to return to Oz in 2015

Honda Australia is resurrecting the HR-V nameplate for its all-new compact SUV which is set to arrive in early 2015.

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Nissan develops a self-cleaning car
25 Apr 2014

Nissan develops ‘self-cleaning’ car … sort of

Nissan has begun working on paint technology for a self-cleaning car that might mean the end of ever having to wash your car again.

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The 2015 Subaru WRX STi in technical detail
18 Apr 2014

Tech Talk: 2015 Subaru WRX STi in detail

Robert Pepper takes a detailed look at what makes the new Subaru WRX STi the track-ready car and family-friendly car it is … meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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talking on the phone while driving
16 Apr 2014

Top 10 bad habits behind the wheel

A recent study in the UK has identified the ten most hated road habits. Taking out top place was talking or texting while driving. What’s your pet hate behind the wheel?

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Free trade agreement won't lower price of cars
15 Apr 2014

Free trade agreement to lower car prices? Er, no.

You may have been a little excited to see the recent announcement that Australia has secured a trade deal with Japan that will allow them to bypass the current 5% tariff on motor vehicles. Paul Murrell counsels caution. IF HISTORY IS ANY GUIDE, that doesn’t mean you’ll see prices falling

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Honda Odyssey opening image
15 Apr 2014

2014 Honda Odyssey Preview

In a Nutshell The multi-award winning Honda Odyssey is back with more safety features, a new engine and transmission, more interior room and practicality. Practical Motoring Says Styling and interior practicality updates should put the Honda Odyssey back on the shopping lists of those after a roomy seven-seater that doesn’t

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Subaru Outback driving in water
14 Apr 2014

What 4X4 to buy if you don’t want to own a 4X4

The non-4WD Enthusiast’s Guide to Buying a 4WD, or what 4WD to buy when you’re only into the great outdoors and not off-roading.

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BMW i3 pricing announced for Australia
11 Apr 2014

BMW i3 electric car on-sale Down Under in November

BMW Australia has announced on-sale (November 2014) and pricing (from $63,900+ORC) details for the release of the BMW i3 electric vehicle.

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