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AFP warns of traffic infringement email scam

The Australian Federal Police has issued a warning about a traffic infringement email scam that is circulating around Australia.

THE AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE (AFP) has issued a warning about an email scam that is circulating around Australia. The bogus traffic infringement has been supposedly issued by the AFP requesting payment for an AFP Traffic Infringement Notice.

The scam email initially asks the recipient to pay an ‘AFP fine’ of approximately $150. If links within the message are clicked, the recipient’s computer is infected with malware which renders it inoperable. At that point ransomware is activated where the recipient is asked to pay thousands of dollars to reactivate their computer.

AFP National Coordinator Cyber Crime Adrian Norris said anyone who receives the email should delete it immediately.

“This email has taken off widely and looks legitimate, and many people have been compromised, so I would urge people to be vigilant,” Superintendent Norris said.

“The AFP never sends out traffic infringement notices via email, so if you have received an email that purports to be from the AFP and have doubt about its authenticity, do not make a payment or provide personal details.

“This email scam looks legitimate and contains AFP branding and may be from email addresses like, or similar.

“Payment of this Traffic Infringement Notice will not go to the AFP, your money will be going to scammers overseas.”

Practical Motoring editor, Isaac Bober received this scam email this morning and says, “it’s a timely reminder for members of the public to ensure their anti-virus software is up to date and that they should think before clicking any link”.

Members of the public who believe they have been a recipient of the fraudulent email should report it to the Australian Cyber Crime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) immediately via or to ScamWatch

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober