Fiat 500X teased in video
06 Sep 2014

Fiat 500X teased in video

Fiat has been tight-lipped about the 500X but has finally released a 39-second teaser of the thing. It will be revealed at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

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The new Jeep Cherokee is here in June
13 Aug 2014

Vehicles most vulnerable to hacking revealed

2014 Jeep Cherokee and Infiniti Q50 top list of vehicles most vulnerable to hacking, according IOActive security professionals presenting at 2014 DefCon. But, what could hackers actually do if they took control of your car?

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Moke Motors has announced the revival of the iconic Moke.
10 Mar 2014

Moke makes a comeback

Hardy souls once loved the basic-but-fun Mini Moke and these days good ones are fetching big dollars, but now there’s a new Moke which aims to provide as much fun as the original.

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New Toyota Kluger will be here in March
09 Feb 2014

New cars for 2014

We bought a record 1.14 million new vehicles in 2013, Now the manufacturers are hoping we’ll buy even more in 2014. Paul Murrell lists what new cars are on the way.

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Recent revisions have given the Chrysler 300C some much needed sophistication
17 Dec 2013

Chrysler 300C Luxury First Drive Car Review

The brutish looking Chrysler’s 300C has had its rough edges knocked off in its recent revision, but has lost none of its street appeal. A shed load of kit and tweaks to the ride and handling mean the American lump gives the locals a run for their money.

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