Collaboration with Williams Engineering and other partners predicts up to 130kW and fast charge time.

Triumph has released of Phase 2 of their electric motorcycle programme, presenting a finished powertrain prototype and renderings of the bike that this powertrain will be fitted to in the future.

Phase 1 of the four-phase programme got underway in May, 2019, when Triumph announced a collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering (an offshoot of the Williams Racing F1 team), Integral Powertrain and WMG at the University of Warwick to develop a “sporting electric motorcycle”.

Triumph previews ‘TE-1’ electric motorcycle


What was planned as a two-year project has been delayed by the impact of COVID-19, but March’s announcement detailing Phase 2’s completion of an electric powertrain prototype and battery shows the UK Government-funded initiative is back on track.

Triumph previews ‘TE-1’ electric motorcycle

Triumph are leading the project, providing all the cycle parts and specifying what’s required from their partners. Integral Powertrain are developing the electric motor, while Williams Advanced Engineering will be responsible for the battery pack and related control units. WMG’s role will be to look at the commercialisation issues of the project, predicting and simulating future market needs.

According to Triumph, initial testing of the battery and powertrain completed under Phase 2 have exceeded current benchmarks and industry targets. Integral Powertrain say their motor produces 130kW (180hp) but weights only 10kg, while Williams Advanced Engineering claim similar industry-exceeding results from their battery, related control unit and management software. WMG have been conducting simulated, followed by actual, testing of the powertrain, as well as guiding Triumph on considerations such as charging infrastructure, recycling strategies and even future electric vehicle legislation.

Triumph previews ‘TE-1’ electric motorcycle

For their part, Triumph have been developing software, instrumentation, safety systems and the future model’s frame. They’ve also released renderings predicting the TE-1 motorcycle that will be built in prototype form for Phase 3 of the project.

Triumph previews ‘TE-1’ electric motorcycle

“The completion of Phase 2, and the promising results achieved to date, provide an exciting glimpse of the potential electric future and showcase the talent and innovation of this unique British collaboration,” said Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO.

“This important project will provide one of the foundations for our future electric motorcycle strategy, which is ultimately focussed on delivering what riders want from their Triumph; the perfect balance of performance, handling and real world usability, with genuine Triumph character.”


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