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Head to Head: BMW 330i vs Audi A4 2.0 TFSI sport quattro

What’s the passenger space like?

It’s a close-run thing here. The Germans seem to have a template, stamping out roughly the same car across all three manufacturers to basically come up with the same interior space. The Audi’s is comfortable, well-appointed and has little niceties such as a third climate control zone for rear passengers and plenty of space for odds and ends. The driving position is top-notch and both front seat passengers will feel like they’re in a car one step bigger.

The 3 is a roomy machine for its size and packaging, although the fifth passenger won’t be a fan of straddling the transmission tunnel for any great length of time. The front seats are very comfortable indeed and like all seats are trimmed in leather. If you really like quality, plump for the Merino leather, it’s lovely (and, of course, expensive). The basic seats in the 318i don’t look too flash, but they’re comfortable.

Close, but the Audi takes the win here too.

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3 years ago

Bullshit! BMW is the finest driving every day car hands down. The Audi handles like a bus compared to any Beema!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Dean

Thanks Dean, have you driven both these vehicles back to back? The A4 quattro is an excellent drive that gets better and gives more to the driver the harder you push it. – Isaac

Zoltan Kohalmi
Zoltan Kohalmi
19 days ago

I am totally agree. I just replaced my bmw 1 series with a 2018 audi a4 quattro. What a beautiful car. Ok , I think the bimmer is a bit more fun to drive ,however the quattro is unbelievable.

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