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Head to Head: BMW 330i vs Audi A4 2.0 TFSI sport quattro

What’s the interior like?

BMWs aren’t famed for amazing interiors but they are well-regarded for their ergonomic, thoughtful designs that have slowly evolved over time. In fact, BMW interiors seem to evolve as slowly as Audi exteriors.

BMW 330i vs Audi A4 2.0 TFSI sport quattro

The 3 has a choice of a 6.5-inch screen or the “Professional” sat nav which means a bigger 8.8-inch screen in the one-size-fits-all frame. Both are controlled by the ever-brilliant iDrive6 and its console-mounted rotary dial. In the 330i’s case, the screen is touch-enabled.

Audi’s interior is a belter. Much like the second-generation Q7’s, it’s got a bright and airy feel, helped along by some top-notch material and design choices. In here, if it looks like metal, it is, with lovely touch sensitive climate controls (three-zone, don’t you know), a big MMI screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a range of options to really kit the thing out. The newer car is bigger in the wheelbase, so like the 3, you’ll get four in comfort, five in a pinch.

BMW 330i vs Audi A4 2.0 TFSI sport quattro

The Audi edges ahead here, with its super-contemporary looks, a few extra bits and pieces (such as standard CarPlay, which is $479 in the BMW) and a lighter feel. The MMI system shares the same 8.3-inch screen across the range but none are touch-enabled. The Audi’s software isn’t quite as good as the BMW’s but the standard Androind Auto/Apple CarPlay is an obvious and I would say mandatory standard inclusion. As with Munich’s offering, you can up-spec the speaker count for some truly pimping sound.

The Audi takes another narrow win. A couple of months ago, before the 3’s 2017 update, the gap was wider.

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3 years ago

Bullshit! BMW is the finest driving every day car hands down. The Audi handles like a bus compared to any Beema!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Dean

Thanks Dean, have you driven both these vehicles back to back? The A4 quattro is an excellent drive that gets better and gives more to the driver the harder you push it. – Isaac

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