29 Aug 2017

Stedi H15 LED install on a Ford Everest

7 years ago 3 1

Want more light? Try new Stedi’s LED bulbs. AFTER MANY SCRAPES on my hands I finally have installed the Stedi […]

Michael Haworth 3
19 Aug 2017

How to easily add some more light to the back of your 4×4

7 years ago 0 1

Manufacturers never put adequate lighting in the back of their vehicles for 4×4 touring purposes. WHEN YOU ARE CAMPING or […]

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Ford Ranger Wildtrak
10 Aug 2017

Throttle Control – I am now convinced!

7 years ago 0 1

Reader Michael Haworth is now convinced that throttle controllers are not a fad… AFTER NEARLY A WEEK of playing with […]

Michael Haworth 0
18 Feb 2017

The Ford Everest – off-road touring and my first year of ownership

7 years ago 19 7

I’d been considering the Ranger Wildtrak, but the Ford Everest made more sense… my car might now be Australia’s most modified Everest?

Michael Haworth 19