The Hyundai i30 SR's sat-nav is giving us some grief
02 Feb 2014

Week 5: Hyundai i30 SR long-term update

10 years ago 6 0

Week 5: Tony Bosworth wonders why our long-term Hyundai SR’s delivered him to an industrial estate when he was trying to get home.

Practical Motoring 6
The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers plenty of room for a family and go-anywhere ability
24 Jan 2014

Week 1 – Jeep Grand Cherokee Long-Term Test

10 years ago 0 0

A Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland has joined the Practical Motoring garage and it’s already notched up more than 1200km. Priced from $71,000 and loaded with creature comforts Isaac Bober wants to know how well it fits the average family. Well, his family, at least.

Isaac Bober 0
We're racking up the kays in our long-term Hyundai i30 SR
07 Jan 2014

Week 4 – Hyundai i30 SR Long-Term Test

11 years ago 3 0

This week we look at the practicality of our Hyundai i30 SR, and also wonder why its headlights don’t see far enough ahead… Tony Bosworth reports.

Practical Motoring 3
The Hyundai i30 SR doesn't get the sophisticated rear-end of the i30 SE
16 Dec 2013

Week 3: Hyundai i30 SR Long-Term Test

11 years ago 13 0

Last weekend our long-term Hyundai i30SR went in for its free 1500km service – the next is due at 15,000km – though the dealer would like to see us again by 7500km, reports Tony Bosworth.

Practical Motoring 13
We've had our black Hyundai i30 SR for two weeks and have already driven 1700km
09 Dec 2013

Week 2: Hyundai i30 SR Long-Term Test

11 years ago 1 0

Our long-term Hyundai i30 SR is racking up the kilometres fast. Tony Bosworth, who takes us on a tour of the buying experience and life so far with Hyundai’s sporty i30.

Practical Motoring 1
Our Hyundai i30 SR long-termer is a manual transmission-equipped car
01 Dec 2013

Hyundai i30 SR Long-term Review

11 years ago 0 0

Our Hyundai i30 SR was bought anonymously to ensure we didn’t alert the selling dealer and to make sure there is no pressure on us to write glowing reports. Our trademark no-nonsense in-depth reporting will be applied to the SR over every single kilometre of its life.

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