The battery in your car can and will go flat and as Murphy’s Law dictates, when it’s most inconvenient for you. Here's how to change a car battery.
16 Jul 2018

How to jumpstart a car…and should you bother?

The idea behind jumpstarting a car is to use a donor car’s battery to re-charge a flat battery via the use of jump leads…but if you own a post-2000 car you risk damaging your vehicle.

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11 Jul 2018

How to bump start a car

You rarely need this skill, but when you do need it, then you really need it… how to bump start a car.

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10 Jul 2018

Upgrading your 4×4 for driving in the dark

Driving in the dark can fraught with danger but it’s sometime unavoidable. If your vehicle is equipped with the right gear you’ll be able to make it safely through the night.

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Why tint your car window...rules explained.
09 Jul 2018

Window tinting and the law in Australia – How dark can you go?

While most car makers offer darkened privacy glass on new vehicles, owners of older vehicles often look to window tinting to cut the UV filtering into their car. We explore the latest Australian laws for window tinting and whether you should bother…

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We’ve all heard about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but MirrorLink also allows you to control your smartphone via your car’s infotainment screen.
02 Jul 2018

What is MirrorLink?

We’ve all heard about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but MirrorLink also allows you to control your smartphone via your car’s infotainment screen. Indeed, it was the first in-car-phone-connectivity system.

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Battery charge warning light
28 Jun 2018

Everything you need to know about 4×4 electrical power options

If you’re going to use your four-wheel drive for off-road adventures, you’re going to need a reliable and abundant source of power for all your electrical gear. These days there are more electrical power options than ever before.

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what is a run flat tyre
27 Jun 2018

What is a run-flat tyre and how do they work?

Run-flat tyres have been around since the 1980s but are only now becoming common as original equipment and even as retro-fit options but, just what is a run flat tyre?

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old car tyres
25 Jun 2018

Why tyre tread depth is so important

Most Australians don’t know when to replace their car tyres or why tyre tread depth is so important. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Ford Everest 4WD driving on unsealed road
22 Jun 2018

How to drive on dirt roads – Everything you need to know

Driving on dirt roads is very different to driving on bitumen. Here’s what you need to know, from setting up your vehicle, tyre pressures, to handling corrugations and more.

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13 Jun 2018

2018 Holden Commodore VXR – Technical Details Explained

The all-new Holden Commodore VXR has torque vectoring, all-wheel drive, a nine-speed auto and no rear differential…we explain how it all works and what makes the set up more clever than you think…

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2018 Hyundai i30 N Performance Review
05 Jun 2018

What is overboost?

Overboost is becoming a common feature of turbocharged vehicles, providing turbocharged engines with an extra kick of power.

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How to drive in the snow
31 May 2018

Winter is Coming – How to drive on snow and ice

With winter about to hit Australia and many of the parts copping an early icy blast, we thought it timely to provide tips on how to drive in snow and ice.

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Driving through water can be an intimidating experience for novices and experts alike. Here are our tips on how to handle water crossings.
30 May 2018

The Gear You Need for Water Crossings in your 4×4

Sooner or later all four-wheel drivers will inevitably encounter a water crossing. If you want to make a safe crossing, you’ll need to make sure your 4×4 is properly equipped for the task at hand.

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The Ford Everest offers plenty of room for packing everything you'll need on a 4x4 road trip
24 May 2018

How To Pack your 4×4 wagon

Put some thought into packing gear into your 4×4 for the big trip and you’ll always know where your stuff is…

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Off-road driving myths busted
18 May 2018

How To: Beach Driving with your 4×4

Beach driving with your 4×4 can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous if you don’t play by the rules.

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