How to install an isofix car seat
22 Jan 2015

How to install an ISOFIX car seat

Finally on-sale in Australia, ISOFIX child car seats are easier to install correctly than child seats relying on seatbelts alone. Here’s how to install an ISOFIX child car seat.

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How to drive on the wrong side of the road
05 Dec 2014

How to drive on the wrong side of the road : Part 1

Going on an overseas holiday? Planning on driving? Here’s our two-part guide on how to drive on the wrong side of the road…

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Why premium fuel is a waste of money for most cars
14 Nov 2014

Why premium fuel is a waste of money for most cars

Plenty of people are confused by the different types of fuel available, but for most cars pumping premium unleaded into the tank is a waste of money.

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Continuously Variable Transmissions explained
15 Sep 2014

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Explained

CVTs are praised for being able to deliver a smooth driving experience and improve fuel efficiency, but how do they work? Welcome to Continuously Variable Transmissions Explained.

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Tech Talk - Jaguar F-Type
14 Aug 2014

Tech Talk – Jaguar F-Type

When he’s not lapping a new car around a race track, or driving over boulders, our Robert Pepper can be found delving into the technical specifications of the latest releases. Here’s what he’s gleaned about the Jaguar F-Type.

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How to buy a car on finance
06 Aug 2014

How to buy a car on finance

Practical Motoring investigate how to buy a car on finance, do you buy outright; take out a bank loan, novated lease, or a balloon payment lease?

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isofix australia
19 Jun 2014

ISOFIX. Why is Australia still waiting?

The Australian standard for child restraints was amended a year ago to allow the sale of ISOFIX compatible child seats, yet they’re still not for sale. Why?

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daytime running lights
13 Jun 2014

Daytime running lights and the law

Daytime running lights are becoming increasingly present on cars in Australia. And they seem to have caused some confusion on Australian roads.

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The 2015 Subaru WRX STi in technical detail
18 Apr 2014

Tech Talk: 2015 Subaru WRX STi in detail

Robert Pepper takes a detailed look at what makes the new Subaru WRX STi the track-ready car and family-friendly car it is … meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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Subaru Outback driving in water
14 Apr 2014

What 4X4 to buy if you don’t want to own a 4X4

The non-4WD Enthusiast’s Guide to Buying a 4WD, or what 4WD to buy when you’re only into the great outdoors and not off-roading.

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