Should I put nitrogen in car tyres
18 May 2015

Should I put nitrogen in my tyres – Definitive answer

Should I put nitrogen in my car tyres? Here’s everything you could ever want to know about nitrogen and tyres – the facts, the half-truths and the lies.

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Long-Term Toyota 86 - Welcome
09 May 2015

Track Days for Beginners – an entry into motorsport

At some point, I’m sure you’ve wanted to see what your car can do on a racetrack. And you can. Read our track days for beginners.

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03 May 2015

Is the Gran Turismo simulator any good at helping you choose your car?

Gran Turismo is one of the world’s most popular racing simulators, and with so many car makers previewing new models on it, can it help you choose a car?

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motorsport is tough on tyres
01 May 2015

Tyre Tales 5: Motorsport is tough on tyres

Motorsport is tough on tyres, much tougher than road driving, so, what lessons can be learned from the racetrack?

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The only thing you need to know to be a better driver
25 Apr 2015

The only thing you need to know to be a better driver…

Crash cams, Facebook pages… there’s always someone else to blame for a car accident, but the only thing you need to know to be a better driver, is…

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24 Apr 2015

How to drive over a hump off-road

driving over a hump is one of the most basic off-road skills, but it’s a bit harder with a road-oriented 4×4. Here’s how to drive over a hump.

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Not all tyres are created equal
20 Apr 2015

Tyre Tales 4: Not all tyres are created equal

When it comes to changing your tyres, you can’t have everything, good grip, long-lasting and cheap – not all tyres are created equal.

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19 Apr 2015

2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander off-road tech test

We’ve been testing the 2015 Santa Fe Highlander for a while now, but how well does its technology work off-road? We head into the bush to find out.

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How your car can be hacked
16 Apr 2015

Why your keyless car is vulnerable to hacking

Keyless car entry is one of those convenience things that car makers got totally right. Unfortunately it’s also vulnerable to hacking.

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15 Apr 2015

Mitsubishi’s Super-Select 4X4 System Explained

How to use Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4X4 transmission system on Challenger, Pajero and Triton.

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15 Apr 2015

Automatic manuals – better than automatics AND manuals?

Do you love manual gearboxes but find them tedious around town? Well, maybe an automatic manual, or Dualogic gearbox might be more your cup of tea…

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How to change a flat tyre
14 Apr 2015

Tyre Tales 3: How to change a flat tyre

A flat tyre can happen at the most inconvenient time. Do you know how to change a flat tyre? Some of our readers didn’t…

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Always check your spare tyre
11 Apr 2015

Tyre Tales 2: Saved by spare tyres… or not!

The part of your car most likely to fail is the tyre because of a puncture. That’s when you’re glad you’ve got a spare tyre.

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old car tyres
07 Apr 2015

Tyre Tales (part 1): Tyres aren’t wine

Some things get better with age and some things, like car tyres definitely do not. See, tyres aren’t wine… Our first in a series of reader-based tyre stories and advice.

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A beginner's guide to the Nurburgring
07 Apr 2015

A beginner’s guide to the Nurburgring Nordschleife

There are already several million words written about the Nurburgring, and there’ll be millions more. Here’s our beginner’s guide to the Nurburgring.

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