Parking your car. It’s Not as easy as it looks Watch and wonder as the world’s worst are caught on camera.

IT’S EASY TO criticise if you’re one of those people that is spatially aware and capable of manoeuvring vehicles. But some people aren’t. No, they’re not stupid, they just lack skills which come as naturally as breathing to other people. It doesn’t help that driver training across the world is on the hopeless side of average, so the videos below are more an indictment of national training than a lack of intelligence on the part of the drivers.  Cars can now self-park, and we’ll have more on that shortly but for the moment you’ll still need your skills.
Now, sit back and watch a handful of drivers who should have read these tips:
Autopark would definitely have helped her…
Here again self-parking cars today would do a much better job…
Electronics are not sufficiently advanced to be of any help here…
This is perhaps the finest example of not understanding how to manoeuvre a car in a tight space.  Sorry, gadgets aren’t going to help here…

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