Buried deep in a document detailing Volkswagen’s annual general meeting was a teaser sketch showing off the new Golf’s digital dashboard…

As car makers race to outdo each other with more and more technology being crammed into new vehicles, Volkswagen’s new Golf which will be revealed later this year is likely to be one of the most advanced/connected in its segment. See, buried deep in an official document detailing Volkswagen’s annual general meeting held at the beginning of this week was a teaser sketch of the new Golf and its digital dashboard.

Spy photographers have already captured the new Golf out testing but what we’re yet to get a look at is the interior. And, so, this teaser sketch is our best idea yet of what we can expect from the all-new Golf which was expected to receive its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September but this event will now be used to debut the VW I.D.3 (read our review) with the new Golf being revealed early in 2020 instead.

While these teaser sketches can often be more a case of a version of what the designer would like to see rather that what will actually be but the Golf has been leaning to more of an integration between its infotainment screen and the digital display for some time. And now it looks as if its borrowing the Digital Cockpit System used in other VW vehicles.

Clearly visible in the image is an almost meshing together of the digital display and the infotainment system. And there seems to be a lack of physical buttons, although the steering wheel still looks as if it will carry some shortcut access. There also appears to be some ‘buttons’ at the base of the infotainment screen but these are likely to be virtual and there also looks to be a bank of buttons to the left of the digital instrument cluster. But, again, these could be virtual rather than physical buttons. It’s likely the new system will rely more on a smartphone-esque interface as is the case with the new A4 and even gesture control.

As Audi has previewed with the new A4, Volkswagen has suggested previously that the new Golf will carry a permanent internet connection likely allowing it to communicate with the ‘Golf swarm’ and even infrastructure in ‘connected’ European cities. And this will potentially allow for some improved urban autonomous driving.


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