Volkswagen has announced it will recall 8694 Amaroks as part of the global dieselgate scandal. This follows the recall launched in Europe late last year.

Volkswagen Australia is recalling 8694 Amaroks as part of the global recall over emissions cheating. The move locally to recall Amaroks mirrors the recall of the Amarok in Europe late last year – Volkswagen Australia says the recall of other affected models will begin in the coming months.

“Owners of affected Amarok vehicles have been contacted via email this morning, and will also receive a letter from Volkswagen Group Australia, inviting them to make an appointment with their local Volkswagen dealer.

“The recall will involve a software upgrade performed by a Volkswagen dealer technician in under half-an-hour, at no cost to customers,” Volkswagen said. The underline was in the release, so we’ve left it in.

Volkswagen hasn’t said what the software fix actually involves: “Volkswagen Group Australia assures its customers that the implementation of the measure does not lead to a deterioration of the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, engine performance, torque and vehicle acoustics and all vehicle values related to type approval remain unchanged; and continue to outperform the minimum emissions requirements of both Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards”.

In November 2015, Volkswagen released the below video on YouTube to detail the software fix:


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