Victorian drivers fined for speeding will, from December, be able to access speed camera photos online for free, according to a new report.

ACCORDING TO a report by the ABC, Victorian motorists will from December this year be able to access speed camera photos for free. Currently motorists have to pay $7.50 to have a copy of their photograph posted to them.

Victorian Police Minister Kim Wells told the ABC that from December motorists could look at their speed camera photos on the Fines Victoria website.

“It’s something that motorists have been calling for and we’ve worked hard to achieve it,” he told the ABC.

“Last year, close to 11,000 people had to pay for their images and already this year 7000 people have had to do the same thing.

“The road safety cameras work very well but we believe that this is just another level of transparency,” he said.

“So if people have doubts or if they have concerns they can go online, be able to look at the photo themselves and make a decision if they want to take it further.”


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  1. About bloody time! It’s a shame this is the only thing the speed camera commissioner has been able to achieve! Recently when they turned on the speed camera at Warragul Road holmesglen over 1000 people in a week got done. That’s because it was a 70-40 reduction at the bottom of the hill. Instead of removing the ridiculous speed limit on a major thoroughfare and instead chose to reduce 2km more road to 60km. Now it’s a bottleneck stretch of road. Stupidity at its finest!

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