New research from the RACQ about Queensland drivers reveals that almost 55% of motorists flash their headlights regularly to warn other drivers about speed cameras in an area.

RESEARCH FROM THE RACQ shows that up to 55% of Queensland motorists are willing to flash their headlights at other drivers to warn about speed cameras in their area. It’s an offence to flash your headlights to warn other motorists of a speed camera, but the number of Queenslanders willing to do it has risen 10% on figures released last year (2015).

“Many motorists may not realise flashing the high beam at approaching traffic is an offence and is dangerous,” RACQ Executive Manager Insurance Communications Mike Sopinski said.

“You may think you’re doing a good deed or even a community service by alerting others to an upcoming speed camera, but flashing your headlights can actually be quite dangerous. 

“A momentary loss of concentration can have deadly consequences – especially when cars are being driven at highway speeds.”

RACQ research found the most common methods for locating speed camera sites:

  1. Radio reports of locations – 31.7%;
  2. Tip offs from family and friends – 19.2%;
  3. Social media sites – 12.8%;
  4. Mobile apps – 8.0%; and
  5. Radar-detecting devices – 7.4%. 

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  1. Only 55% warning others, says a lot about the other 45% of drongos. Any body who cares what the RACQ has to say needs to get a life.

    1. The RACQ is supposed to represent motorists.
      For the last 10 years they seem to just be apologists for blatant government revenue raising via draconian enforcement using speed cameras.
      Meanwhile, the real hoons just do their burnouts in the backstreets.
      Other road laws aren’t enforced at all, so you get idiots driving at night with no lights on, never use blinkers, illegal u-turns, talk on the mobile phone, drive real slow obstructing traffic, fail to make way for emergency vehicles – the list is endless.

  2. I flash my lights at cars regardless of if there is a speed camera ahead (try it yourself and watch how many of them suddenly slow down), its a great way to get people to do the speed limit regardless of speed cameras

    1. Dickhead of the year award. I always find the self-appointed police the very worst of the drivers on our road. No doubt sit in the right lane holding up traffic doing 55 in a 60 zone and never move out of the way on multilane roads.

      1. With the amount of posts you have according to disqus. Perhaps you should spend more time on the road and less time behind a computer screen and you might have a clue.

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