Victoria Police Highway Patrol has plumped for BMW 5 Series but divisional van duties will be handled by the Holden Colorado with 290 to be supplied over the next two years.

AS DEBATE STILL RAGES as to what will replace highway patrol vehicles in other states, Victoria is moving ahead. Last year it announced it would use BMW 530d for highway patrol duties, yesterday it announced it would use the Holden Colorado 4×2 as its divisional van.

The vehicles will be deployed over the next two years with 290 units purchased. In a statement, Holden said: “Holden is supplying 250 purpose-built two-door divisional vans that are based on the Colorado 4×2. These vehicles are custom designed for Victoria Police to include increased ground clearance to improve visibility and create a better vantage point for police to patrol the streets. The new divisional van also features six airbags in the passenger compartment and a custom-designed rear pod.

“The rear pod is a fully self-contained, secure two-person transport module and this new model features an additional camera in the custody compartment providing 360-degree monitoring and recording of persons in custody, as well as air conditioning built into the custody compartment.”
Regional police in Victoria will be delivered 40 custom-built Colorado 4×4 vehicles equipped with bull-bars and winches.

Michael Filazzola, Executive Director of Sales, said, “Holden’s Australian engineers have worked collaboratively with Victoria Police to create a vehicle that is not only designed specifically for Australian conditions but is the safest vehicle possible to protect their frontline members.

“The Holden Colorado offers Victoria Police the leading safety and performance attributes needed for modern policing.

“This announcement continues Holden’s long association with Victoria Police, which began over 70 years ago and we are honoured to be able to continue this partnership,” said Mr. Filazzola.

“We’re excited to see the new ‘divvy vans’ out on the road and we’re sure Victorian police officers will enjoy driving them.”


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  1. GM drops us in it, forsakes us, leaves us, puts the finger up at us… And Victoria says, “well done GM, here is our money” Drop the GM traitors!

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