The Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle was teased back in June and the internet nearly melted, and now the Japanese car maker has revealed key details of its one-off off-roader.

THE TOYOTA ULTIMATE UTILITY VEHICLE has finally been revealed in full at SEMA with Toyota releasing key details on how the thing was built.

Toyota’s boffins grabbed the body of a Toyota Sienna people mover (not sold in Australia) and bolted onto the running gear of a Toyota Tacoma 4×4. The Ultimate Utility Vehicle runs Engaged four-link long-travel suspension that provide a four-inch lift in ride height. 33×22-inch Nitto Mud Grappler tyres fitted on 22×12-inch Monster Energy 539B off-road wheels. Toyota says the Ulutmate Utility Vehicle offers 15.75 inches of wheel travel.

Because of the size of the tyres used, Toyota’s spanner twirlers had  to reengineer and motorise them to slide out, rather than back. And the front doors were redesigned to open from the front, “suicide”-style.

Cleverly, operating the Ultimate Utility Vehicle “seems identical to driving a stock Sienna. But, while the levers and buttons appear to be the same OEM equipment you’d find in a production Sienna, they are actually carefully crafted replicas which control the functions of the Tacoma pickup on which the UUV is based”.

Because it is the operational hub of Toyota’s Ever-Better Expedition, the UUV gets a TracVision mobile satellite television receiver; Wi-Fi; Internet access; multiple USB ports; 17-inch monitor; 60-inch Sony LED TV; 2,500-watt JBL audio system; and a Flir M-324xp night-vision camera system with high-definition recording capability.

From captain’s chairs equipped with laptop tray tables in the back of the Ultimate Utility Vehicle, Toyota engineers can monitor driving data from every vehicle in real time; record video of vehicle handling and braking, day or night; and report back to Toyota headquarters on the cars’ performance via Skype.

Sadly, the UUV is a one-off concept… but if you like the look of it, then why not a Mitsubishi Delica? READ THIS.


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