The Effete Berlinetta is a brand-new classic car that takes inspiration from Alfa Romeos of the 1960s, it will makes it official debut at the Top Marques show in Monaco later this month.

THE EFFEFFE BERLINETTA might takes its inspiration from Alfa Romeos from the 1960s, but founders of the coach-building business, Leonardo and Vittoria Frigerio say the car is all their own design and not a copy of a classic Alfa. While the Effete Berlinetta was first revealed in 2014, that model was a one-off pre-production vehicle; the final design and engineering specification has now been signed off on.

The aim of their business, according to the Frigerio brothers, is to resurrect the art of coach building. They claim, the vehicle has been designed using the latest CAD systems and engineered in the same way a new car would be, but that every single one of the cars they produce will be handmade and thus slightly different from one another.

Details are thin-ish. The body is all aluminium and hand-beaten into shape, while the body grids, frame strips, door and bonnet handles are all also handmade. The leather interior is hand stitched and the carpet is pure wool.

The engine is taken from an Alfa Romeo 2000 and then completely rebuilt by a “world-known engineering workshop” (the brothers haven’t said which workshop yet). The wire wheels are 15x6in, and you can pay extra to have a matching luggage and golf set created. There are other wheel and tyre designs to choose from, but all are classic in their styling. And heating and air-conditioning is available on request…

There’s no word on pricing yet, or when production will begin – we’re expecting that to be revealed later this month.

Question: Would you prefer to buy a brand new vehicle styled and engineering to resemble a classic car, or would you rather find, buy and have a classic car restored. Because while the latter can be very expensive if done properly, we’d expect this Effete Berlinetta won’t be a cheap car… See you in the comments.


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