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The automotive future: 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show is always filled with interesting metal, and this year’s show is no exception. Here are some of the cars we’ll be driving… soon.

THE FUTURE OF MOTORING is being built right now and plenty of it is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. From electric-only SUVs, to small sports cars and cars that don’t have a single metal body panel, it’s all here. Here’s our lightning round-up of the cars we’ll be driving… soon.

Mitsubishi’s eX Concept

A compact SUV powered by a next-generation EV system.


We cover this vehicle in more detail here.

Mazda unveiled its next Rotary powered vehicle, the RX-VISION concept

The next rotary engine has been named SKYACTIV-R and Mazda hopes that the RX-VISION will one day make it from concept to reality. We too hope that this front-engine, rear-wheel drive rotary beauty makes it from concept to road-going model.


In addition to the RX-VISION concept car, Mazda also displayed its KOERU concept car, Spirit, MX-5, the first CX-3, Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5.

And then there was this:


The MX-5 Cup Car, a specialist racing version of the new MX-5.

Honda NSX

Honda showed off the NSX, due to hit Australian roads next year. We’re excited!


Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

In addition to the Honda NSX due to hit Australian roads in 2016, Honda debuted its new Clarity Fuel Cell expected to be available for lease in Japan in March 2016. The five-passenger sedan contains a compact, high power Hydrogen fuel cell stack mounted under the bonnet developing 130kW with a cruising range of more than 700km, able to be refilled in approximately three minutes.

Nissan IDS Concept

Nissan reveals the IDS Concept; Nissan’s vision for the future of electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

EVs and Autonomous Driving appear to be the key technologies pushed at this years show.

Subaru debut their new Impreza Concept

Could this be the new Impreza?  Subaru indicate that it is.

Individual wheel drive is here! 

This modified Elise is rear-wheel drive, but each wheel is driven by individual electric motors. This would hugely improve it’s already agile handling.


Mercedes Benz concept car

Note the lack of mirrors… they will be TFT screens.  It is a hybrid, so there’s no need to worry about placement of a big internal combustion engine.


Toyota S-FR

The Toyota S-FR revealed earlier this month is Toyota’s sub-86 sportscar which sits proudly with its fluro yellow paint. It’s front-engined and rear drive. Does it float your boat?


Honda S660

Manual, rear-wheel drive, and a proper parkbrake for handbrake turns and skids. There is a little bit of S2000 and Civic to the styling. An S-FR competitor? We don’t expect to see this in Australia.


Cars of the future

There is much on innovative seating and door arrangements.


Petrolheads are not going to be excited by these, but it’s the future of mobility.

The Flesby.  Has a soft body, not metal panels.


Nissan GRIP Z

Another sporty crossover SUV, this time from Nissan.



Robert Pepper travelled to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show as a guest of Mitsubishi Motors Australia.

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper