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Startech release the SIXTY8 luxury Defender

The end of the Defender means special editions aplenty like this one from STARTECH.

German tuning house Brabus has a division called STARTECH and they specialise in Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.  Here’s their latest creation, the STARTECH SIXTY8, so named as it’s been sixty eight years since the original Land Rover was designed.  The mechanicals appear pretty stock, yet the exterior and interior is anything but.


I think most Defender owners would agree that’s an improvement.  It’s like a Range Rover interior transplanted into a Defender, which is kind of ironic given that the Series Land Rovers becames Defenders more or less inherited the Range Rover’s constant 4WD and coil-sprung underpinnings.

So we have here heated seats, a sports steering wheel, special parkbrake lever, scuff plates, shift knob and pedals.  The seats are beautifully trimmed, and there’s a double-DIN multimedia system from Alpine which incorporates satnav and a reversing camera.  And all yours for EUR 67,990 for the five-seater or 69,900 for the seven-seater which is around $106,000 AUD.


Hmm, the passengers still have to look sideways to find a C-pillar in the way.

Not often you see such a screen in a Defender. One usability improvement is that the markings on the transfer case lever are easier to read now.  Even if few owners would be using the lever.


Not sure I like all that black-at-the-back, but it’s certainly different.  Those are 18″ rims with BFG all-terrain tyres.  Might have been better with the white lettering turned in.

       st15aa086 st15aa085

Like the style, but a Defender not your thing?  Here’s a three more of Brabus and STARTECH’s creations:




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Maggie Dee
Maggie Dee
8 years ago

Finally the British (yeah it takes the Germans to tell them so:) are finding out how many people want a vehicle like this!
People are finally working out how much they lust for a vehicle like this:)
NOW…….with that chassis, pretty much any engine could be fitted….mmmmm:)

Robert Pepper
8 years ago
Reply to  Maggie Dee

Hey Maggie check out the JE Defender. I don’t mind the STARTECH but it doesn’t have enough power for my liking. This is more what I have in mind:

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper