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Skoda Kodiaq confirmed for large SUV name … what else do we know?

Referencing the famous Kodiak bear, the seven-seat Skoda Kodiaq will be revealed later this year, but what else do we know about it?

FOLLOWING THE REVEAL of the Skoda Vision S concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March, Skoda has confirmed its new ‘large’ SUV will be called the Kodiaq. It references the reclusive Kodiak bear which lives on a “remote island off the southern coast of Alaska”. So, why not call it the Kodiak, as many websites and magazines speculated? Simple, Kodiaq is derived from the “language of the indigenous people – the Alutiig”.

Beyond this, Skoda says that using the q instead of k at the end of Kodiaq creates a very distinctive name for a very distinctive vehicle. 

Skoda Kodiaq name

“At 4.70 metres long, Skoda’s new SUV can comfortably seat seven people and offers remarkable performance both on and off the beaten track.  The hidden power of the Kodiaq can also be seen in its design – distinctive, muscular lines representing a dynamic, robust and strong appearence,” Skoda said in a short statement.

So what else do we know about the Skoda Kodiaq? Not that much, to be honest. Although with Skoda suggesting the Kodiaq will be the same length as the Vision S concept you could start suggesting all sort of things about the production version, like that it’ll be the same width and height, and that it might even get a hybrid powertrain, like the Geneva-revealed concept.

Skoda Vision S concept

In truth, though, we know it’ll be a seven-seat model for sure and, that, at 4.7 metres long will be a little bit bigger than a Nissan X-Trail. It’s likely to get a similar all-wheel drive system to its little brother, the Skoda Yeti and could share the vehicle’s boxy design just with the slightly rounded edges of the concept.

Skoda has a penchant for designing uncomplicated but practical and stylish interiors, and you only have to look at the new Skoda Superb for proof of that. So, expect the new Kodiaq to be able to take the fight to the Land Rover Discovery Sport, another seven-seat SUV in the same segment. Even if it doesn’t have the Disco Sport’s ultimate off-road ability it’s likely to offer more gear for less money than that vehicle, so…

Expect to see the latest communication and infotainment gear from the VW Group appear in the Kodiaq, so, that means a central touch screen running Apple Carplay and MirrorLink, and given the big deal Skoda often makes of its headlight design in concepts, it could even get a version of Audi’s new-generation LED headlights introduced on the Audi A4.

Question: Putting aside the dieselgate drama for one moment, would you consider, if you’re in the market for a seven-seater with dirt-road ability, the Skoda Kodiaq? And, if not, why not?

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Andrew Riles
Andrew Riles
7 years ago

We may be in the market by the time this is on sale on Australia…

I’d prefer a hybrid, though this largely depends on how it is setup, and how effectively the torque and regen braking characteristics of an EV drivetrain compensate for the lack of a conventional transfer case on steep hills….

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober