International auctioneers, COYS, says it will auction a 1954 Aston Martin DB 2/4 – the inspiration for the James Bond Aston Martin in Ian Fleming’s novel Goldfinger.

THE ASTON MARTIN DB 2/4 will go under the hammer this weekend (July 12) alongside more than 90 other cars as well as more than 90 motorcycles. According to COYS the Aston Martin, a DB 2/4 Mk I Vantage, chassis number LML-819, was owned by Phillip Ingram Cunliffe-Lister, whose father was Lord Swinton, a close confidant of Winston Churchill, head of MI5 and the Security Executive during WWII, and Ian Fleming’s boss. Moreover, the vehicle was regularly at Fleming’s next-door neighbour in Kent, which was the same place where he based the HQ of Sir Hugo Drax in his Bond novel Moonraker.

All the gadgets that appeared in Bond’s car in the Goldfinger novel appear in this Aston Martin, COYS says, including reinforced steel bumpers, concealed lockers, a heavy-duty anti-interference ignition system, driver’s seat connections for two-way radio and a Halda Speed Pilot.

Chris Routledge, Managing Partner at COYS, says: “This could be one of the most important discoveries of all time, confirming the link between the undoubtedly most famous spy in history and possibly the world’s most iconic sports car marque”.


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