In its latest stunt, Land Rover has driven a Range Rover Sport down the legendary downhill ski run at Mürren in Switzerland. Why? Because.

LAND ROVER asked once-the-Stig, Ben Collins to pilot a Range Rover Sport downt he 14.9km-long downhill ski run at Mürren in Switzerland. The run was completed in 21min 36sec.

The stunt was intended to show-off Land Rover’s Terrain Response and falls into line with other stunts like a Sport racing across the desert on the Arabian Peninsula and the record-setting run at the Pikes Peak hillclimb in 2013.

According to Land Rover, “During the 2,170m descent, the Range Rover Sport followed the route used by skiers on the tough Inferno Mürren, one of the oldest and most challenging downhill races”.

Collins said: “This was genuinely one of the hardest tests I’ve faced in my driving career. The route was insane and certainly the toughest course I’ve ever completed. It challenged you with every kind of obstacle this side of molten lava and as conditions go, it was about as bad as it gets – torrential weather mixed with cliffs, trees, all kinds of stuff you don’t really want to crash into.

“There could only be one winner in the challenge – the mountain or the car. The key to the run was precision: being able to maintain speed and carry that speed down the hill in the way the skiers can do, carving through the turns.”

The only modifications to the car were reinforced tyres and the fitment of a roll cage. Let us know what you think of the stunt… pointless? Cool?


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