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Peugeot makes Autonomous Emergency Braking standard across range

Ahead of ANCAP’s stricter stance on active safety features being key to a five-star rating, Peugeot Australia has announced AEB will be standard across its range.

THERE’S NO DOUBT that Autonomous Emergency Braking can save lives; it’s why ANCAP (following Euro NCAP’s led) is making it a prerequisite to achieving a five-star rating from this year. Peugeot Australia has announced it will make AEB standard across the range with no price increase, and in the case of the entry-level 208 there will actually be a $200 price reduction.

“All models and variants across the marques 208, 308, 2008, 3008 and forthcoming 5008 range will feature the leading-edge safety equipment as standard,” Peugeot said in an announcement.

Read more about Autonomous Emergency Braking in our plain-speaking guide to the technology.

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Managing Director of Peugeot Australia, Anouk Poelmann said, “Autonomous Emergency Braking is an invaluable safety feature that Peugeot believes should be available to all of our customers.

“Furthermore, we believe that you cannot put a price on safety which is why we are adding the leading-edge safety system free of charge to all our customers.

“AEB will complement the already standard fitment of reverse camera across the Peugeot range and the high-level of structural safety our vehicle range possess.” said Poelmann.

It’s worth noting AEB is not the same from model to model (some work via a front-mounted radar and others via a windscreen-mounted camera) in the Peugeot range with only the all-new 3008 (pictured) and 5008, launching at the end of this month, able to bring the vehicle to a complete stop:

  • between 5 and 140 km/h if another moving vehicle is detected;
  • under 80 km/h if a stationary vehicle is detected;
  • below 60 km/h if a pedestrian is detected.

“For all other models, the system will bring the vehicle to a complete stop, however speed thresholds vary,” Peugeot said.

Commenting on the announcement, ANCAP Chief Executive, Mr James Goodwin said, “Autonomous emergency braking is a vital safety assist technology and Peugeot Australia is to be commended for this commitment to make AEB standard across its entire Australian model range.

“Safety is not a luxury and having AEB as a standard offering provides enhanced safety to consumers,” he said.


  1. Alan
    January 21, 2018 at 8:39 am — Reply

    No chance in this market unless they do something drastic with warranty length. Kia 7 yrs, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Honda 5 yrs – Peugeot, with a stigma of unreliability and high costs – only 3 yrs.

    It would be different if it was 1) a true premium brand (like BMW, Merc et al) where the typical first lease is the warranty length; or 2) had a reputation for good reliability (like TOYOTA et al).

    • Azmodan
      January 23, 2018 at 2:18 pm — Reply


      Their pricing is ludicrous IMO given their poor pedigree.

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